The Mustains of Virginia

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One of the best-documented family lines I’ve researched is my mother’s patrilineal line who cam to Yuma, Colorado, by way of McDonough County, Illinois from Pittsylvania County, Virginia.

Prior to that, there’s no concrete indication of where the family originated. The variations in spelling (Mustain, Mustein, Musteen, Mosteen, Musten) provide some hints, but nothing more concrete. Thomas Mustain’s appearance is well-documented with a royal land patent, records from the indenturing of workers to help with the land, and other local records including his final will and testament. Even the house he built is still standing. The rest is hearsay and rumor.

I was thrilled to find a site by a researcher who’s trying to track the line back prior to Thomas. The site documenting Thomas Mustain Descendants provides some great details and information. I’m hoping to connect up with some other researchers and find more detail about Thomas and his descendants, though I suspect we’ll never know the exact circumstances around Thomas’s son Jesse’s demise apart from the anecdotal report of him being thrown from his horse while drunk.

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