Letter from cousin Fred Smith pages 6-7

all enjoying good health and her husband has had penty of work this last twelve years, but I am sorry to say, he has fell out of employment through bad trade. he has been out this last month and no prospects up to the present. it’s rather serious with them, as they have four children, Florence, Joseph-Edward, Nellie, and Annie. We very seldome see anything of William-Henry Smith, although he is living in Sheffield with his sister, who is married you know, and is getting

on fairly well, as they are both working now. I mean William Henry and his sister Annie’s husband. he used to come more regular when he was out of work. perhaps he is courting now, but he knows that better himself. We have heard that cousin Nellie [Helen] Smith who lives at Creswick St, Walkley, is going to get married, although we haven’t seen her ourselfs. but perhaps you have had a letter from her before now. I’m sure she will make some-one a splendid wife