Letter from cousin Fred Smith pages 2-3

house, clun street, and they have just a steady going on when father is working. he only gets 20/-, twenty shillings a week, of course he is working regular now, but he is tired our every night he comes home. as you know, he is no a young man, and he has suffered a great deal through accidents so that will effect him as well as his age. I shall have been married three years next december 16^th, and we have one bonny baby boy five months and three weeks next thursday. well he was born on the 12^th of May, and we call him Alexander Frederick. isn’t it a fancy name. some time I

am going to send you his photograph. I was twenty-eight years of age last June the twenty-third. My wife was twenty two last April eighteenth, and we came to live in the country, a year ago. it is about three miles from my work but I enjoy it in health. I am going to stay another year. we have a nice piece of garden with fields and farms all around us, and it is lovely in the summer time. but it is dreadfull in the winter, when the snow is turning wet. I catch it most, there is no number to the house. it is