Letter from Aunt Mary Hammar page 2

he is settled down now hoping that he will be comfortable and happy his wife is a young woman of Leeds her maiden name was Jane Ann Foster[.] Dear Neice i must correct your statement of your ages
[what follows is an enumeration of Isabella and her siblings, all surnamed Smith]
Annie was born July 23^rd 1837
Charlotte was born November 24^th 1839
Arthur was born November 14^th 1841
Ernest was born January 28^th 1844
Mary Ann was born January 21^st 1846
Charles Henry was born August 2^nd 1848
Eliza Emma was born November 21^st 1850
John Edward was born November 25^th 1852
Isabella was born May 6^th 1855
so you see that Annie was 2 years and 4 months old when Charllotte[sic] was born and Charlotte was ten days short of 2 years when Arthur was born Arthur was 2 years and 2 months old when