Letter from Aunt Mary Hammar page 1

Mary Hammar to Isabella O’Donnell, Janu^ary 13, 1878
[Copy of letter in possession of David Bennett, A.L.S.]

Sunday night Janu^ary 13/78

Dear Neice,

it is so long since i received your kind letter and i have not answered i [am] almost ashamed of writing at all Dear Neice you must excuse me this time for i have so little time for writing having to work hard to keep a home over our heads for uncle has not earned anything for three years back so i have not much time for nothing but my work Dear Neice i long to tell you that i have heard of your Brother Charles Henry he has got married november 1^st last 1877 and he is living at Leeds and working on the river there i ^have enclosed his address i know you all will be glad to hear that