Mcmasters-Mustain Genealogy

My research into the Mcmasters and Mustain families.

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Letters from England

Between 1875 and 1911, Isabella Smith O'Donnell and her daughter, Esther, corresponded with family back in Sheffield, England and with her sister and relatives in the United States and Canada. Her nephew, Frederick Smith, was the most regular correspondent, but there are also letters from family in Ecclesall Bierlow where she was born and other areas of Sheffield such as Wadsley Bridge, Nether Hallam, Attercliff and others.

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Family Clusters

Part of genealogy research is looking at groups of individuals and patterns within families. John David Mustain, married his wife, Mary Ann Arnott, in Illinois where she worked at his uncle's farm prior to their marriage. Using census records, this is an examination of a group of related individuals who were all located in the area of Blandinsville, McDonough County, Illinois. Many other family connections are revealed in the analysis of census records.

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Travels of John H. Mcmasters

John Hamilton Mcmasters traveled across the country as part of his service during the Civil War in the 100th Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry. After the war ended, he moved back and forth between the oil boom towns that sprang up between 1870 and 1890.

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Daniel Webster by Boston Public Library

It is a noble faculty of our nature which enables us to connect our thoughts, our sympathies, and our happiness with what is distant in place or time; and, looking before and after, to hold communion at once with our ancestors and our posterity. neither is it false or vain to consider ourselves as interested and connected with our whole race, through all time; allied to our ancestors; allied to our posterity; closely compacted on all sides with others; ourselves being but links in the great chain of being, which begins with the origin of our race, runs onward through its successive generations, binding together the past, the present, and the future...

Daniel Webster's Plymouth Oration, delivered at Plymouth, Massachusetts - December 22, 1820

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